Social Networks and Health Care @MarsDD

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Social network  are here to help people with very specific disease to connect with caregiver, doctor, nurse, and family. Through social network patient are able to share and coordinate the community supporting them during.

The 3 usages identified are :
1. Helping patient and their communitiy to go through a situation by helping communication and coordination ;
2. Accessing academic and general information regarding the disease ;
3. Communication between patient and doctors through EMR and message exchange.

eshift program in South West LHIN in Ontario is a iphone application connecting nurse and patient during night shift for home care.  The aim of eshift is to deliver the right care at the right place at the right time.

Bant is an smartphone application who encourage the proper behavior for children / teenager facing diabete. Reminder helps to do the right care at the right place at the right time. Bant also is based on the learning moment (the right time to educate the child) versus the 10min visit with the doctor every 6months. Bant also offer rewards to children behaving using through itune and the appstore.

Discussion panel end up on the following statement and question:
– Social network in healthcare is not a market, it is a mean to improve patient selfcare, communication … This is not a goal in itself.

– Social media in healthcare, cost control or revenue generation tool?